Mike Marlar Clinches WoO Late Model Series Championship

CONCORD, NC – November 3, 2018 – What once started earlier this year, all the way back in February at the Volusia Speedway Park for the DIRTcar Nationals is now complete. The World of Outlaws Craftsman Late Model Series wrapped up its 30th Anniversary tour on Saturday night at the Dirt Track at Charlotte in the World of Outlaws World Finals presented by Can-Am, where Scott Bloomquist won his first since Florida in February and fellow-Tennessee native Mike Marlar officially clinched his very first World of Outlaws championship points title.

The Championship: Scott Bloomquist has won a World of Outlaws Late Model championship before in 2004 and racked up 32 feature wins over his illustrious career, so nobody expects him to be doing donuts on the frontstretch after winning a race. Mike Marlar, on the other hand, had never previously attempted to follow the Outlaw tour before this year, and won the championship on his first try. So everyone understood why his Hoosiers were spinning after the checkered fell on Saturday night’s racing activities.

Officially, Marlar beat Sheppard in the Series points chase by 28 markers to claim his first World of Outlaws Craftsman Late Model Series title. With his sixth-place finish on Saturday night and Sheppard in his sights on the track, Marlar knew the deal was sealed when the final flag dropped.

But “The Winfield Warrior” had a race to survive before any confetti rained on him, which he drove perfectly. Marlar re-drew sixth, and from the drop of the green, sat comfortably inside the top three, staying out of trouble until just under ten laps to go when he noticeably backed down his driving’s aggressiveness. Slipping back to sixth by lap 44, Marlar would set the Delk Equipment No. 157 on cruise control for the rest of the distance.

“I got up to second there, and actually got up beside Scott, and I thought ‘Man, I’m having a little too much fun,’” Marlar said. “{With these tires,] the worry is if you wear them down thin, you might get a puncture in them. So I just wanted to be cautious and easy and not spend my tires and make sure they were thick enough that it wouldn’t puncture with a rock or something. I had to get into conservation mode there, and it all worked out.”

Some may claim this is sandbagging, others might say it’s playing things smart. Whatever the case, Marlar drove the race he needed to secure the title. And the rest just all worked out.

“First off, running with the World of Outlaws has just been a pleasure,” Marlar said. “Win, lose or draw, it’s been great all year. We went to some awesome racetracks… and it was humbling to me to see how nice the officials were to us.”

Marlar continued on to give his upmost appreciation for all of the World of Outlaws officials and competitors, even reminiscing on a time earlier this season where the World of Outlaws command center hauler had blown a tire on the highway in South Dakota and Marlar and his team stopped to help fix it. The comradery bits they all shared will be what Marlar remembers the most.

2018 Rookie of the Year, David Breazeale, also paid Marlar a visit earlier in the day to tell him “how much fun” it had been racing together. Just more sportsmanship at its finest, and another helping of what Marlar had hoped his season would be from the beginning.

And now that the race celebrations are over, it’s time for a few post-race activities, a deep breath, and a look into the future plans for the Delk Racing team. Their 2018 campaign was only supposed to be a “bucket list” item, according to Marlar. But he may be having second thoughts about leaving the tour for the next item on his racing bucket list.

“Right now, we’re just working out some details,” Marlar said. “We’ve got a lot to think about on an approach. There may be some partners that may come along and get involved, or there may not. So right now, I don’t want to talk too much about it; I just want to take the time and this moment to give Ronnie [Delk, car owner] all the glory he deserves. He does so much for us and I’m so glad he gets to go out as a champion.”

On behalf of all of the World of Outlaws Craftsman Late Model Series officials and crew, a big ‘thank you’ goes out to all of our great fans, sponsors and other supporters from all over the country who came out to the track each and every night on the tour’s 30th Anniversary schedule. Cheers to an even better racing season in 2019!

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