Yamaha Greaseable Steering Stem Mount, Power Steering

  • Fits Grizzly models 2013 & newer with power steering
  • Replaces OEM # 1CT-F1957-00-00
  • Bolt hole to bolt hole width = 2.875
  • Width of top = 2.375

Installation Instructions:

  • Shut off gas
  • Disconnect fuel line at fuel tank
  • remove body plastic over fuel tank
  • Remove fuel tank
  • Unbolt existing steering stem mount. KEEP ALL HARDWARE TO REUSE. 
  • Clean steering stem
  • Apply light film of grease to inside of new mounting blocks and o-rings. 
  • Re-install stock bolt sleeves, bolts, backing plate & lock tab
  • Tighten all bolts and bend over block tab 
  • Grease new steering stem mount with general purpose grease
  • Re-install the fuel tank, reconnect the fuel line and re-install plastic over the fuel tank



SKU: 355 51003



Proposition 65 Warning

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