SBC Crate Engine Kit without Power Steering Pump

  • SBC Crate Engine kit without a power steering pump has some great features including:
    1. a short aluminum water pump with gaskets,
    2. a head mount pump bracket with bolts,
    3. a 4.0″ Pro Series aluminum water pump pulley,
    4. an R-Lok crank adapter,
    5. a 3.5″ serpentine crank pulley,
    6. a 4″ serpentine crank pulley,
    7. a .375″ thick R-Lok pulley spacer,
    8. a water pump spacer kit (.375″ thick) to clear the timing cover.
  • A hardware kit including:
    1. a crank bolt kit,
    2. a steering pump bolt and spacer kit,
    3. a water pump bolt and spacer kit are also included.
  • Use this crate engine kit with a cast iron 13.5cc power steering pump (093 50020000).
  • If using the 13.5 cc cast iron pump, use a serpentine belt (093 4060380).
SKU: 093 16312610



Proposition 65 Warning

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