Ignition Box 7 AL Pro Series

  • You’ll recognize the 7AL-2 Plus Ignition Control, as its predecessor is the most popular ignition control used in drag racing.
  • The Plus model updates the original 7AL-2 with improved internal components plus our engineers added a 2-Step Rev Control and a useful diagnostic LED.
  • Racers will be happy to see that the updated components up the voltage ouput and spark energy!
  • Over 40% more spark energy in fact. Visually, you’ll notice the two terminal strips that allow for easier wiring in your race car.
  • The LED over the power connections will come in handy for troubleshooting as it flashes only when the coil fires.
  • That way you know that the coil, the trigger source and ignition are all functioning properly.
SKU: 021 7222



Proposition 65 Warning

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