Brinn Standard Aluminum 2 Speed Transmission

Brinn Transmissions Original Transmission is a 2-speed solution to getting the horsepower to the rear tires. The direct drive transmission allows you to remove the bellhousing style clutch assembly and throw out bearing to reduce rotating weight. A low gear ratio of 1.88 to 1 is used when maneuvering through the pits and on to the race track where a 1 to 1 ratio is used to race. The 2.29 to 1 ratio reverse gear does not mesh to any other gears while in either of the forward gears to save even more rotating weight.


    • Gundrilled Input and Output Shafts
    • Eliminates Clutch and Throwout Bearing Assembly
    • Separate Low and Reverse Gears
    • 6 in. 27 Tooth Output Shaft
    • SAE 10 Tooth Input Shaft
    • Shafts and Gears Cryogenically Treated for Durability
    • Available in Aluminum or Magnesium
    • Weight: 52.5lbs


SKU: 070 70001-ALUM



Proposition 65 Warning

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