Pro-Blend FAQ’S

  1. I keep hearing about this tire treatment stuff. Why should I treat my tires?
      • Faster laptimes by 3-5 tenths
      • They run 18-24 degrees cooler when treated
      • Cooler tires last longer – 30-40% longer
  1. What’s the best product to use to treat my tires?
  1. Do I need a special tire treatment for dirt/asphalt?
      • No, all Pro Blend tire treatments work on dirt or asphalt.
  1. Do Pro Blend tire treatment products help passenger cars or trucks?
      • No, these products are ONLY for race cars. Passenger cars/trucks will see no benefit.
  1. What if I’m racing on passenger car tires (aka DOT tires)?
      • Yes, you will see a benefit.
  1. I already grind or sipe my tires. Why do I need to clean them first?
      • Tires come from the manufacturer with a coating or mold release still on the tires from the factory. If you grind or sipe your tires without cleaning this substance off, you are pushing some of it down into the pores of your tires. After a heat cycle, after a Caution/yellow flag for example, that mold release will come out of the pores of the tire and cause it to glaze over.
      • For used tires, there are all sorts of chemicals and rubber particles that you’re pushing back down into the pores of the tire, clogging those pores
      • Using Hot Lap Tire Cleaner effectively removes mold release and other chemicals, leaving the pores of the tire ready to accept tire prep.
  1. How do I clean my tires?
  1. How do I apply tire treatment?
      • A paint roller
      • Rag
      • Spray bottle
  1. How much tire treatment do I use?
      • Assuming a Saturday race, 3-4 coats Tuesday and 3-4 coats on Wednesday. DO NOT EXCEED 10 COATS TOTAL.
  1. Do I need to wrap my tires in cellophane after I’ve treated them?
      • No, let them air dry, as the treatment needs to cure into the tire to be effective
  1. If you tell me 6-8 coats is good, that means 12-15 is better, right?
      • No, over-treating a tire creates a greasy tire that leaves marks.
  1. Can I use Pro Bite on its own?
      • Not really, it works best as a top coat over 50006000 or 7000.
      • Using too much or without an accompanying tire treatment can result in being locked to the track.
  1. If my race got rained out last weekend, do I need to go through the whole treating process again?
      • Just apply one refresher coat on Wednesday or Thursday
  1. Do I need to treat the inside of the tire?
      • All of our products can be used to treat the inside of the tire.
      • Treating the inside increases the chances of detection if “sniffers” are used. If baby powder is used, you WILL get caught.
      • Treating the inside of a tire softens it much more than the outside. Only do this if you want to soften the tires and only if you have a tire rotisserie.
  1. How do I treat the inside of a tire?
      • Ideally, tires are off the rim. If not, put the product through the valve stem
      • For car tires, use one ounce of product per inch of tire width.
      • Put in the tire and run on the rotisserie for 6 hours.
      • For 8” kart tires, use no more than 4oz of product for the right side and 2oz of product for the left.
      • Run on a rotisserie for 6 hours.
      • This is a general statement – there are far too many variables (tire type, track conditions, weather conditions, driver) for this to be a blanket statement. Racers will often need to fine-tune based on their individual conditions.
  1. How do I use 40-Below?
      • For optimum performance, drain all the ethylene glycol antifreeze from the radiator. You can leave some in the block. Then, mix with distilled water before pouring 40-Below into your radiator.
  1. How much 40-Below should I use?
      • One 32oz can treats up to a 5-gallon system. For heavy duty applications (3/4-ton pickups, RVs, etc), use two cans.
  1. Will 40-Below void my warranty?
      • No
  1. Can I use 40-Below with ethylene-glycol antifreeze
      • Yes, although the product will not dissipate as much heat as if it were only distilled water. In other words, it won’t work as well.
      • It is not recommended to use this product with DexCool