GRIP RANGE: 1/4″ – 3/8″. COLOR: Black, MATERIAL: Small Aluminum Head, Steel Nail, QUANTITY: 250 Per Box. 3/16″ Diameter Keyser Ultimate Rivets – they clamp tight and hold tight…you can’t make this rivet fail! No backup washer needed, it will fill oversized holes, works in all materials, and can be set with any tool. Clamps and holds tight from paper thin to 3/8″ thick material, even after months of rough road miles. Easy to use, smooth sealed finish. No sharp edges or nails sticking out, the back is smooth, so they won’t collect dirt, snag shop rags, or cut fingers or tires. Easy to drill out, the special nail remains back, leaving only the aluminum rivet for drilling.

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Proposition 65 Warning

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