VanAlstine Heated Tire Groover Kit, GV-1000

* NEW STYLE * The patented design of the Van Alstine GV1000 tire groover glides over the tire surface easily. The G-1000 tire groover is able to cut large tire grooves up to 1″ wide. Instant blade change and adjustment. Smooth cuts with less heat. Precise, constant cutting depth. Unparalleled control. Four heat ranges. Includes 2 each: #4, #6, #8, #10 Blade.

The GV1000 embodies the phrase “the best just got better”. It is the latest version in the evolution of the great G1000 line of groovers. First the G1000, then its upgrade, the G1000HL. Now we have the GV1000, which possesses all the attributes of the G1000 HL plus much more. With even greater levels of both functionality and durability, the GV1000 has a combination of ruggedness and incredible cutting ability that is simply unmatched. Just as its predecessors, it will become the new work-horse of the industry. The best just got better.

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Proposition 65 Warning

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