Deluxe memory tire pyrometer displays all 12 temps at the same time! This deluxe pyrometer makes taking temps a one person job. The memory stores 10 complete sets of temps with easy recall. It will do tire temperature averaging. Advanced electronics stabilize readings for consistent results. It will take temps in any order. It has a built-in night light, and a low battery indicator, plus a built in 4 car stopwatch with 75 lap memory. This deluxe model now includes interval timing! In addition to the 4 car built in stopwatch function, you can now get overall lap times plus 3 different segments within that lap. Check corner exit times, straightaway times, or individual corner times, any partial lap segment time you want. Helps you learn where you are fast and where your competition is catching you. Includes carrying case a 9 volt battery, and adjustable tip tire probe that lets you adjust the probe depth to your preference or type of tire. The tire probe has a 500 degree maximum temperature.

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Proposition 65 Warning

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