Our Keyser action replay dash records up to 15 runs and up to 2 hours of data. The tachometer dial face is backlit for viewing under all lighting conditions. It is compatible with all conventional ignition systems and engine types. Combining the benefits of the action replay proves an “on display” recording and playback of a wide variety of parameters including: Engine speed data, oil pressure, water temperature, oil temperature, fuel pressure & battery voltage. (note: Water pressure sensor is optional)

All systems are supplied with high accuracy sensors, ready wire harness and a comprehensive user manual. This fully sealed housing and MIL-SPEC connectors ensure the highest level of reliability which makes this one of a kind piece 100% waterproof!

This kit includes the following: (1) Display module, (1) system harness, (1) 150 PSI pressure sender with harness, (1) 0-15 pressure sender for fuel gauge, (1) pressure sensor cable for fuel gauge, (1) water temperature sensor, (1) oil temperature sensor and (1) stack switch kit.

You can also purchase separately for this gauge the following items:

** 100 68889-4 Infrared lap time receiver that has an accuracy of 1/100th of a second

** 100 68889-4 Trackside Transmitter


SIZE: 7.48″ wide x 3.82″ tall


SKU: 100 68889


Proposition 65 Warning

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