Chad Becker Claims $10,000 in Dacotah Rumble

Chad Becker picked up where he left off Saturday night after having a strong showing Friday night in Late Models heat races.

In the main event at the Dacotah Rumble, the night capped off with a 66-lap race in the A-main feature and Becker was looking to continue the rhythm he gained from Friday night.

Becker took over about a quarter of the way into the race and from that point, he never was challenged. Becker would go on to win the feature and take home the hefty payout of $10,000.

“The win was pretty awesome. You always wish to win big races like this and one of the big one hundreds and stuff like that,” said Becker. “I’ve always wanted to win one of these when I was younger. Now that it has come back around we’ve finally won one.”

After a fuel stop in the race, Becker felt that was an opportunity for himself to take advantage of the race.

“After that fuel stop, we got rolling there. The car really started coming in good, which I knew I would once I lose fuel load I get a little faster,” Becker said. “The bottom started coming in and the car was just stuck then.

Becker’s only concern was to have any cautions late in the race that kill his momentum.

“Toward the end of the race, I didn’t want those yellows, I’ll tell ya that much,” said Becker. “My car was good throughout, but those restarts are always iffy. Especially if your car gets tight or loose.”

It’s always good to celebrate an impressive victory. Becker would enjoy the night, but is ready to get back to work.

“Well, we will definitely celebrate with a few drinks (Saturday night),” Becker jokingly mentioned.”But, we’ll keep racing our normal stuff and trying to find ways to stay consistent.”