Bronson Wins the 2nd Annual Showdown on the Suwannee

Thanks from All Tech Raceway, we would like to thank all of our fans, drivers, crew members along with their families. We simply could not do this without you!

To start off our amazing weekend off we had 86 cars just for practice on Thursday night. Wendell decided to throw a race together for any Late Model’s wanting to race for a dash for cash out there. He had I think 12 cars decide to take the Challenge. The “Killer” Kyle Bronson would take the win on that one, but not easy, as he had some great battles. Like Kyle said in an interview,” where do you go and get paid to practice??”

Third feature of the night would be our Southern Clash Late Models would hit the track. With 24 of the top driver’s in the south doing battle for the $10,000 prize money! Green Flag is out, Donnie Chappell (25) would lead them to the completion of lap one. As we come to lap number five, Mark Whitener (5) is trying Chapell (25) for that top spot. Making the move complete on lap number six. As we hit lap number ten your top five are Whitener (5), Chappell (25), Kyle Bronson (40b), Devin Dixon (313) and Rhett Carter (44). Whitener (5) hits lap traffic on lap number fifteen. Bronson (40b) now catching Whitener (5). Bronson (40b) makes his move on lap number twenty two. As we come to lap number thirty four Whitener (5) trying everything he has to make a move on Bronson (40b) as they have now lapped up to 15 place now. We stop for a fuel break at the half way point. No caution up to that point! Micheal Page (18x) would make his move on Whitener (5) on the restart as we take the green. Carter (44) is now up to third place. Page (18x) trying to run down Bronson (40b) as we come to lap number 50. As bad luck would strike for Nevin Gainey (17) as he spins coming outta turn two, right in front of the leaders. Great driving by our leaders for missing him. Your top ten as they bunch back up for the restart would be Bronson (40b), Page (18x), Whitener (5), Carter (44), Chappell (25), John Baker (14b), Bo Allen (71), Jimmy Sharpe, Jr (26jr), Tanner English (58) and Chad Tuten (51). As we go back green Page (18x) trying to take advantage of the restart he tries hard to get Bonson (40b) but loses ground. Late race caution as Baker (14) slows on the front stretch. Green flag out for the final time, Bronson (40b) would never look back. As they come to the checkered flag it would be Kyle Bronson (40b), Mark Whitener (5), Michael Page (18x), Bo Allen (71), and Chad Tuten (51) rounding out your top five.